Neymar close to Juventus, the stock market believes in it!

Call it the Champions League obsession or simply the continuation of that work of revitalizing the team in the Olympus of European football; the fact is that Juventus is considering the purchase of Neymar from Paris-Saint-Germain. This, a few days after the formalization of the purchase of the Dutch defender Matthijs De Ligt for 75 million. The news was leaked from Spain, through the sports newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, according to which the French club would be rejecting the possibility of selling the Brazilian striker to Barcelona, ​​a team to which he tore it up only two years ago with the shocking payment of the clause resolution of 222 million euros.
Given the bad relations between the two companies, the French would look more to Juventus, even if the Real Madrid option remains, which offered Neymar an exchange with Gareth Bale plus 90 million.

Since Bale would be worth 60 million on the market, the offer of the Real would amount to around 150 million. Very high, but well below the 222 million expected by the PSG to sell the Brazilian to Barcelona. Who knows, however, that the request does not deflate with the passing of the days and was not, if anything, a tactic. In recent days, we had written that over 135 million, the Paris club would accrue capital gains on the sale, so any figure clearly above this threshold would be accepted. And Juventus would theoretically have the KO strike to roll the blaugrana and take Neymar to Turin: exchange with Paulo Dybala for more cash. The Argentine on the market of millions would be worth over 80 and having signed the renewal of the contract two years ago, the money deriving from its sale would be all capital gains for the Bianconeri accounts. The market tends to believe in the Neymar affair, with the Bianconeri actions rising by 3.4% in the mid-afternoon, to stand at 1.5575 euros.
Neymar at Juventus, however, does not only impose a substantial financial commitment for the card. Of net salary in Paris the Brazilian receives about 28 million net. Assuming that in the black and white jersey it will gain as many, although relieved by the incentive rule of the Growth Decree, the cost of the annual gross salary would be for Maurizio Sarri’s team of over 38.5 million. By comparison, the little over 13 saved for Dybala would be peanuts. The transaction bill would remain in the red for almost 25.5 million a year. To this we should add the amortized cost of the card, which net of any technical counterparts would remain in the order of several million, if not a few tens of millions per year. For the first year, the capital gain realized thanks to Dybala would make things right, then we should have the reasonable hope of bringing home the most sought after result, namely the Champions League, to make ends meet.

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