Area 51: the Air Force would be following official courses on ‘Naruto Run’

The US military is “training” to face the so-called Naruto Runners who will try to invade Area 51 on September 20th.

The Facebook event dedicated to the invasion of Area 51 has now become an unprecedented viral phenomenon. ‘Storm Area 51’ can in fact count – to date, July 22 – on the alleged participation of 1.8 million people, despite the fact that the creator himself said he was frightened by the scope of the event, a ‘joke’ born as such but well soon escaped his control.

In fact, it seems certain that the United States government has not taken the matter lightly, considering and also considering that the soldiers defending Area 51 (as well as part of the American air force forces) would be holding real ‘courses intensive ‘to defend themselves from the so-called Naruto Runners, that is the’ waves’ that next September 20 should lead the assault on the secret American base running with arms turned backwards (exactly like the protagonist of the famous manga written and designed by Masashi Kishimoto ).

The user Reddit ‘PerturbedPython’ has posted on social media a photo that shows just one of the briefings implemented by the US Air Force last week.

But that’s not all: via KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas the creator of the event Matty Roberts (complete with a ninja band worn by the protagonists of Naruto’s anime) came back again to talk about the assault, specifying that ‘he doesn’t want anyone to it hurts’, considering also and above all that the Nevada local police forces have confirmed that – if forced – they will intervene to defend the area using non-lethal weapons.