He picks up his son from school to play Fortnite: “I raised him for this”

The best father in the world or an exploiter? It is the question that arises spontaneously reading the story of the American David Herzog and his 16-year-old son Jordan.

David wrote an intensive training program for his son and planned the whole days for him, eliminating anything that could distract him from the screen: no social relationships, no vacations, the father opposed the possibility of Jordan playing tennis with the biological mother. “I will not allow such a thing,” he said, “perhaps after the Fortnite World Cup, but for the moment it is not mentioned. It could fall, get hurt or injure your wrist.”

Everyday Jordan spend from eight to fourteen hours of training at Fortnite, but not before having finished his homework on an online platform that allows the adolescent to self-manage his education from the same location where he spends almost all of his time.

At just 12 years old, Jordan won his first tournament in Boston, taking home a $ 2,000 prize. From that moment his father decide to make him a champion in that game. 

And he replies to those who blame him for having taken his son from a normal life: “If I had done such a thing to support other interests, such as the piano, tennis or acting, everyone would have praised my choice, but since it was video games, my decision is seen as an abuse of a boy “.

When the school had asking for explanations, he sent the photo of the check that Jordan would receive after qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup tournament, a competition with a total prize money of 30 million dollars.